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Have you looked at any fashion magazines or web sites lately? By any chance did they mention that “black and white is on trend this season”? Let’s be honest, does black and white ever go out of fashion?

For me Black and white are the classic color pairing, I think the two colors offer a constant every season and should be a staple of every woman’s wardrobe. One may have the tendency to wear a bit more black during fall and winter and more white in spring summer, but you can pretty much wear both colors all year round. Worn together it definitely has a chic and classic fashion look that is timeless. Famous style icons like Coco Chanel made this her own personal uniform and Sheila Scotter (editor in chief of Vogue Australia) only wore black and white.

Of course I love black and white as well but i also like mixing some color in there as well, because I love color in general. Occasionally when I am not sure which way to go I stick to black and white and I know I can’t really go wrong that way.

What do you think, is black and white too boring on its own? Do you need a pop of color to make it more exciting? I would love to hear from you…..








Ebony and Ivory

BB Dakota jacket

Narciso Rodriguez blazer
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Karl Lagerfeld blazer

Balmain jacket

VILA straight jacket
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March 25, 2014 — Nora Minassian

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