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Last weekend I showed you Pantone’s top 2016 Fall colors and I mentioned that as we get closer and closer to fall and even when we are in the fall season, I will be covering different trends for fall on regular basis.

Today I wanted to share with you current trending textiles and prints for Fall 2016. As a designer, for me the design process starts with seeing beautiful fabrics that inspire you to make your collections. Just like colors, each season there are specific fabrics that are trending more than others and most of them come from the runway shows and fashion forecasting companies.

Today I am covering just a few of the fabrics that I have picked up on which I believe are important for this coming season and you will be seeing a lot of them in the stores. Below you will see a little description of each fabric along with photos of the actual material and how some designers used them in their Fall 2016 runway shows earlier this year.

Matelasse – (Mat-Le-Say)

Matelasse is a weaving technique that makes the fabric appear quilted or padded but in actuality there is no padding in the fabric. It is a technique that is achieved on a jacquard loom to give the fabric depth and texture. It is normally heavy and is perfect for jackets, outerwear or more constructed pieces.




Normally velvet is a popular fabric for fall but this season it is having a big moment and is being called “the most popular fabric for fall 2016”. A lot of designers used this luxe fabric in beautiful, rich colors everywhere from jackets to pants and dresses. I like that it is being used as a sportswear fabric in a more casual every day wear rather than evening wear where it is usually more popular.



VelvetDevore’: (Devor-ray)

Devore’ also known as a “burnout” is a fabric technique where a mixed fiber material undergoes a chemical process to dissolve the cellulose fibers to create a semi transparent pattern against more solidly woven fabric. It is mostly used on velvets, laces and even t shirt materials. It is also popular for evening dresses as most of the time the technique results in beautiful and delicate material.




There were lots of metallic fabrics on the runways but they were more subtle than usual. They seem to be melting into the fabric like a metallic wash over the fabric which makes them glassy and liquid like. There were also lots of metallic colors with gold dominating most of the runways.



MetallicsVintage Florals

One of the key print trends for fall 2016 is vintage inspired florals that are mostly in darker and richer colors, and some have touches of metallic mixed in them. They are inspired by wallpaper patterns and stylized floral patterns from the 30’s which gives them the vintage look.



Vintage-FloralsAnimal Prints

Animal prints have become a staple for fall and they can almost be used as a neutral color. They never go out of style especially for fall. For fall 2016, leopard seems to be the animal print of choice that was shown most on the runways. They also look great in accessories in case a clothing item is too much for us.



Animal-PrintsPlaids and Checks

Plaids and checks are another staple for fall and every season they come back in different shapes or sizes but you can’t go through fall without owning something in these two patterns. This season plaids were more dominant especially mixed with other patterns like checks or stripes.


Plaids-And-ChecksWhat do you think of these fabrics and which ones are your favorites?




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