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In recent years it seems every fall/winter season feels colder than the last one. I think somehow fashion designers are well aware of this fact months in advance, because every fall season we see a bunch of new variations of fur jackets, coats or vests.
This fall fashion season is no different and as you shop any store or pick up any fashion magazine you are bound to see fur outerwear or fur trimmed women's jackets, vests and coats.
Personally I love fur during fall and winter but I tend to lean towards faux fur most of the time. With faux fur you get so much more variety in colors and patterns to choose from and its much more affordable not to mention it is more politically correct nowadays. I also love the fact that the fur pieces are usually super soft and ridiculously warm and cozy, yet they can also be very chic. You can dress them up or wear them casually with jeans and even some nice sneakers or flat boots.
The last but not least thing that I like about women's fur jackets, vests and coats is that they are timeless and you can pull them out of your closet every fall and accessorize them differently and they will still look up to date. Even though I always look for a new and exciting fur piece, I always wear my old ones as well.
Below I have put together a couple of pages of fur sure women's fall and winter jacket looks for you to look at and get inspired by. As soon as I get my new piece for this season I will share it with you. Meanwhile why don’t you share with me your thoughts on fur outerwear?


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