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I think it’s safe to say that one of the biggest trends for this “Fall 2013” is plaids and tartans in various colors and sizes and on all kinds of silhouettes, either as an accent piece or as a complete head to toe outfit. I personally love plaids but I have to admit they are not always easy to wear for everyone. I feel a lot of women stay away from them because they just don’t know how to wear them.

The good news is that there are so many different variations of them out there, from small to big, colorful to monochromatic, or the good old fashion traditional ones that I think anyone can wear them if they find the right plaid.

I think the easiest way to wear plaids is through outerwear like womens jackets, vests or coats. So here is my advise on how I approach buying a women’s plaid jacket. If it is a big and bold pattern and colorful, I look for a shaped or fitted silhouette; you don’t want the plaid to swallow you whole. If I love a big and looser silhouette, then the plaid has to be smaller or a neutral color. As far as how to wear them, I prefer wearing them with neutral or black pieces, rather than matching them to the color part of the plaid or plaid on plaid. Also it is easier to stick to one plaid piece at a time in you outfit. This does not mean that you can’t mix the plaid with a check or stripe pattern.

Above you will see my inspirational look board page I have compiled to show you some my favourite jackets and coats along with some ideas to get you excited about going out there and looking for some fresh and exciting plaids for this season’s fall jackets. I know I will be out shopping this weekend, looking for something new and exciting, I will share my finds with you in the near future.

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