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Tour Through Blogland

Recently Lindsay from was so sweet to feature me on her blog as one of her featured bloggers on her Tour Through Blogland. Please be sure to visit her really amazing personal style and fashion blog. I loved the idea behind the tour through blogland and thought this is would be a great way to share a little bit of information with you all about my blogging process and also introduce you to three other bloggers that I admire. All bloggers who are participating in the tour are asked the following questions and so here goes:

  1. What am I working on?
    Currently I am working on some new women’s jacket designs to add to my web site for the fall season. I am also working on some new outfit ideas, styling tips and fashion content for upcoming posts for my blog.
  2. How does my work differ from others in its genre?
    As far as a personal style blogging site, the only difference with my blog is that I emphasize and feature predominately women’s jackets and blazers in my posts. This is because of my love for jackets and also the fact that I design and sell my own jackets on my web site as well.
  3. Why do I write/create what I do?
    I’ve always been complimented in how I dress and I have worked as a personal stylist as well as a fashion designer for many years. I thought this would be a good opportunity to combine my talents and create a blog where I share my personal styling tips with women emphasizing more about jackets, plus design and sell great easy to wear jackets for my readers to buy and enjoy in their wardrobe.
  4. How does my writing/creating process work?
    As a fashion designer I have always carried a small notebook with me to sketch or write down ideas that come to mind while I am out and about. I use this same tool for writing as well. I am always taking photos with my phone or writing down ideas and sketches in my notepad and eventually they become the basis for a lot of my outfits and stories.

Thanks to you all for making this blogging experience so fun and rewarding – I so appreciate all the support and friendship this media platform offers, so finally, I present to you the three bloggers I would love you all to meet. Please take the time to visit their sites and check out their fabulous blogs.

Carly From

Carly From

Meet Carly From

Carly from Carly is a thirty-something personal shopper and stylist enjoying life at the beautiful Jersey Shore with her husband, two little boys and two miniature dachshunds. She started TSF in 2009 when she turned thirty, had her first son and moved from the downtown Philadelphia hustle and bustle to the much slower pace of seaside living. She left her full time retail career to stay at home with her newborn, but it was essential for her to remain on the pulse of all things fashion and style. After fulfilling year of fashion blogging, her personal shopping and styling business was born. Nothing gives Carly greater joy than helping busy women look and feel their absolute best!


Heather Wyancko –

Meet Heather from

Hi! I’m Heather Wyancko. This year my husband and I relocated to KCMO from DENVERCO where I had been working as a booking agent and photographer at the biggest (and best!) talent agency in the mountain region. Looking to fill the void once occupied by daily exposure to fashion, style, and the exuberant creative energy that is hallmark to the industry, I naturally started a personal blog. But long before my life in the world of fashion and modeling ever began, I’d get down and dirty in my local thrift stores, snag the relics and rare finds, and piece together a personal style $20 at a time. It is in these cluttered shops that I was ‘born’ and why my blog is named ‘Thrift Stories’.

Cherie James -

Cherie James –

Meet Cherie from

I’m a stylist, a mother of four, crazy about my dogs and a life-long collector of vintage things. I love putting clothes together in new and surprising ways. I’m about creating something out of nothing and mixing the unexpected. How you put your clothes together plus a little attitude is style. All you need sometimes is a little “nudge”.

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