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Wearing Our Cosmo Jacket On A Fun Summer Day

This week I wanted to style our new Cosmo jacket (sister jacket to our Lemon drop jacket) with a casual weekend look. My husband and I were meeting some friends for brunch at one of our favorite restaurants in downtown Los Angeles this weekend called Bottega Louie and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for me to wear our Cosmo jacket for this fun outing.

We left a little early to find a fun location to shoot before heading to the restaurant. On our way to downtown LA, we were passing through Echo Park and we saw the lake and the water fountains and it looked so nice, so we decided to pull over and take our pictures there.

I decided to call this new jacket the “Cosmo jacket” because the color is so pretty and it reminds me of a cosmopolitan cocktail, one of my favorite drinks. The first color that came to my mind to style and pair it with was white, but then I thought why not try something a bit different.

I bought this olive green “skort” a few months ago from H&M and hadn’t had the chance to wear it yet. It looks like a wrap skirt from the front, but it’s actually shorts underneath and the back looks like shorts hence the word “skort” (which is what they are called in the fashion industry). I actually really liked how the two colors worked together here. I layered it with a tan tank top, added my brown gladiator sandals and one of our turquoise necklaces for a pop of color. Finally I added one of my favorite straw hats to make the outfit a bit more fun and playful.

When I styled this shoot at the weekend, I had no idea we would sell out of the necklace by the time we publish this story, but we did! We do have another similar turquoise necklace that will work just as well here and our Cosmo women’s jacket is available here.

After the shoot we headed down to Bottega Louie for our delicious brunch and I ordered the Belgium Waffles, something I don’t normally go for; but, I wanted to get in the “spirit” of our upcoming vacation so I ordered them anyway (we are leaving this weekend for Amsterdam and Belgium). I am super excited and will post pictures on my Instagram and Facebook page during the trip, but I will not have a blog story next week, so please follow me on our social media sites to see our travels and adventures. I will of course follow up with full blog stories about the trip when we get back.

As usual I would love to hear your thoughts about my look today – what do you think of the color combination?








Cosmo jacket – Jacket Society

Skort – H&M (on sale at their stores, but not available online)

Tank top – Massimo for Taget

Gladiator sandals – Juicy Couture (old, they used to be all the way to below my knee and I had them shortened)

Bag – Lauren Ralph Lauren

Sunglasses – Rayban

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