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WILD THING Animal Prints For Fall Jackets

I don’t really think I can call “animal prints” a trend anymore. They have become a staple in every season nowadays especially fall. The good news is that designers keep coming up with new designs and patterns and people seem to love them and can’t get enough of them. Fall 2013 is no exception and if you have looked at magazines or been to the stores recently you will have seen them in different patterns and colors all over. One of the more refreshing ways that I have seen them this season is in new exciting and unexpected colors or color combinations.

Personally I am not a big fan of animal prints but I must admit that in recent years I have found myself drawn to them and now you can definitely find a few pieces in my closet. For me they work best in small doses, one animal print piece at a time in your outfit. Even though some designers are showing them head to toe, I am not a big fan of this look. I think they look best paired with a neutral solid color that works back to the print, be it black, grey, brown or beige. However you can mix another print like a floral or pokadot or stripe into the outfit to give it a fresh new twist. Make sure the color palette is the same and the pattern sizes are different in scale. For example if you are wearing a larger scale animal print jacket, wear a smaller scale floral print blouse with it. But don’t do animal print on animal print. Also I would avoid anything extra revealing or tight, you don’t want to look like a cougar.

I have put an inspirational look page for you to review and decide how you would like to incorporate animal prints into your fall jacket choices. I would love to hear from you and your interpretation of them.

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