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Happy Halloween everyone! What are your plans for today?

Since there is no trick or treating this year in our neighborhood, I am sure most people will be having their own costume parties quietly at home with the kids. I feel bad for the little ones who love to dress up and actually go out for trick or treating.

I will miss seeing their cute costumes and hearing their mischievous voices coming up to our door to ask for trick or treat candy. But what can you do, safety comes first. We will just have to wait until next year.

Today I want to talk a little bit about fall and autumn nature colors which are some of my favorite colors in general. We have a big tree in front of our house and every year around this time it starts changing colors and is so beautiful for a few months until it loses all the leaves. It has just started changing color now and I am loving it.

This weekends look is inspired by these fall colors. I have restyled our pretty Nutmeg Cardigan with Pockets, which you first saw here. This nutmeg color is a perfect example of a beautiful fall color that comes from nature.

It is made out of a soft tape yarn and the body is loose and semi-oversized with two patch pockets in the front. The sleeves are three quarter length with a fold back cuff detail. It is finished with a ribbing in the bottom and the front.

I am wearing it with our new Cocoa V Neck Long Sleeve Top. This top is a new color in our rayon modal top series. Many of you already have one of these basic tops we carry all the time. If you already have one of them then you know how nice they are, and if you don’t, I highly recommend you try them. I guarantee you will be happy with them.

I also have a new scarf, our Brown Rust Taupe Floral Print Scarf, which works perfectly with the cocoa top and the nutmeg cardigan. This pretty scarf has all the beautiful autumn colors plus a touch of metallic gold which makes the whole print pop.

Since the scarf has some metallic gold in there, I have added two of our matte gold jewelry items. The first one is our Matte Gold Multi Chain Link Necklace and the second one is a new earring, our Matte Gold Clover Earrings.

They are both great pieces and since they are matte gold and medium sized, they work really well as a set. To finish off the look, I also added our Gold Tan Cream Three Piece Bracelet Set which has the natural and gold colors of the outfit.



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