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Some items that are currently trending in the world of fashion are sets. These could be sweater sets; cardigan sets or even tops and bottoms that are a set. What I mean by a set is that they are made of the same fabric and the same color, so they are very easy to wear since they match perfectly.

Today I have two new cardigan and tank top sets in pretty shades of blue and lilac which are perfect for Spring. The fabric is a really nice soft and lightweight knit that is super easy and comfy to wear. The cardigan body is loose but not oversized. It has long sleeves and two pockets in the front.

The length is long and slimming. I want to mention that I am only a little under 5’4” in height which is considered average. Everyone always thinks I am very tall from my photos, so I want you to keep this in mind for the length of the cardigan. You can also see the CB length listed in the product details.

The tank top body is also loose and long. I have left the back out so you can see the length, or you can check it in the product photos. Also, you can easily wear a bra under it since the strap is wide.

For accessories I am wearing our Purple Blue Gray Abstract print Scarf and Gold Chain Necklace with Intricate Gold Teardrop Pendant.

I chose to wear both sets with black jeans and black booties as it is still a bit chilly out, but these sets would look great with denim or white bottoms going into spring and summer.

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