Bold Colored Women' Coats Are One Of The 2013 Fall Fashion Trends - Just Style LA

Ok so it’s still 80 degrees in Los Angeles, pretty normal for September, but I have to admit that I am starting to get into the fall mood, slowly but surely I am scouring through the current newsstand fashion magazines and online websites for specialty jackets and items that I might be looking to own this fall to add a fresh updated look to some of the existing things I own in my closet.
I have to say I have been seeing a lot of bright and bold colored women’s coats and women’s jackets that I love.

How many of you own a nice black coat or even two, these are classics and will never go out of style, you should always keep these around as they are always great to have.
Why not try something different this fall, let’s think about “brightening up” your wardrobe.
How about a bright coat? This is something that will brighten up the dreariest of days and make your outfit instantly more special.
Here are a few tips on how to wear a bright coat.
Personally I really like wearing them over neutral colors, black or white. This puts the emphasis on the coat itself and balances it out. I also don’t mind wearing it monochromatic (which a lot of designers are showing this fall) but if you do this, make sure to keep your shoes, bag and hosiery neutral or black. Don’t forget if you do this, go easy with your jewelry, simpler is always better.
Here is a quick inspirational look page I have put together to show a couple of my favorite fabulous looking women’s coats for this season. I hope this inspires you to get out there and hunt for that fun, bright colored coat you never thought would look good on you, just try it …..I know I will be looking for one and as soon as I find it, you will see wearing it right here in an upcoming blog story!!

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