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A few weeks ago I shared with you some tips about my diet routine and how I try to eat healthy not only to stay thin but to feel good. Today I want to share with you my struggles in keeping up with an exercise routine which has not been as easy as my diet routine. Throughout my life, I have done different exercise regiments mainly by stopping off at the gym after work before coming home a couple of days a week. I would either do an aerobics class, yoga or Pilates. Then a couple of years ago when I started working from home, I decided to work out at home with videos etc. as I was having a hard time leaving home to go to the gym.

The workout at home plan has its pluses and minuses for me. The plus side is that I can work out anytime and I do not have to worry about a scheduled class. The negative part is disciplining myself to have a routine schedule and stick to it. One thing I have been successful in doing most of the time, is going out for a walk which I love. Living in Los Angeles makes this easy as the weather cooperates most of the time. A few months ago I purchased a machine called the “Maxi Climber” to try to have an alternative to walking for my cardio workouts. So far I like the machine alot and I have been using it along with my Ab Roller, free weights and some floor exercises.

The good thing is that I am not the type of person that can sit in front of the computer for long periods of time. My studio work requires me to stand a lot and walk around so I try to be active and not just sit behind a desk, which I hate. I do try my best to stay active and at least walk for 30 minutes daily or do a work out on my machine 3 days a week plus some weights or floor exercises.. The struggle is keeping it consistent and sticking to a routine, but at least I am working on it.

As for my look today, I am showing you a color combo that I love, navy and coral especially as a transitional color from winter into spring. I am wearing our bestselling Cosmo jacket with my dark navy bootleg jeans, and our fun Grifflin Blue Graphic Tee. I have shown you both the Cosmo jacket and the Grifflin Blue Graphic Tee a few times before and we only have a few of each item left in our online store, so if you like either piece now would be the time to get them.

To finish off the look I added one of our brand new fun scarves. This Navy scarf has a beautiful Paisley and floral embroidery in beautiful colors with coral being one of those colors. This is why it works really nicely with the Cosmo jacket.











Navy bootleg jeans – Rag & Bone

Belt – Salvatore Ferragamo

Boots – Gucci

Bag – Gucci




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