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You may remember, I did a blog story back in August covering Fall 2016 textile and print trend direction, you can see that blog story here. One of the categories I mentioned then was vintage inspired floral prints that are mostly in darker and richer colors and are inspired by wallpaper patterns. When I first saw the print on the fabric of the blouse I am showing you today, I thought it covers all those elements that describe a vintage floral pattern. It’s a really soft and pretty print done in fall colors over a black background which makes it very versatile.

I wanted to do an easy and flowy body and this was a perfect opportunity to introduce another big trend element for this fall, which are “bell sleeves”. I am sure you have seen them in stores and magazines. They come in all kinds of shapes and can be really fun to wear. One of the tricky aspects of these sleeves are – how do you wear a jacket over them for fall? I think for the most part they are better worn under a coat or outerwear that has a big sleeve design to compliment the bell sleeve of the top. But some of them that are made out of a really soft fabric, like ours, can be worn under regular jackets as well. However, I chose to style ours with a shawl instead, which I think is another great alternative.

As for my accessories today, they are also covering trend elements that are hot for this fall. I am showing you a new Pink Shawl/Wrap with black and ivory flower embroidery. Embroidered pieces are trending for this fall, especially on denim pieces, but you can see them on a lot of other items as well. This is a really feminine shawl that works perfectly with the soft blouse since the two patterns mix really well together. As a second option I am also showing you our other Pink Shawl/Wrap with lace trim which I first debuted for you here. This shawl also works really well with the blouse but we only have two pieces left in them so if you like it get it now before it sells out. Both shawls are beautiful and soft and can be work as scarves as well.

Second accessory category that is covering a trend is one of the necklaces I am wearing which is a “tie around the neck choker”. Chokers are really trending right now and I am really liking these suede ones that you can wear around your neck and tie in different ways. I combined ours with another suede necklace and we are selling them together as a set. I think they look great together and the great thing is you can wear them separately as well. For those of you that are not into the choker trend, I am showing a second beautiful Pink stone necklace with chain fringe that looks great with this top as well. Make sure to look at the necklaces in our shop to get a better view. As you can see you have many options to choose from as far as accessorizing this beautiful blouse.

As for what kind of bottom to wear, I decided to wear it with a pinstripe slim skirt, mainly because I don’t wear enough skirts and I thought this would be a refreshing change from black or denim skinny jeans. But I am sure you can see how this top will look fabulous with many different shapes of pants as well. I finished the look with black booties and black bag.

What do you think of our new blouse and which accessories are your favorites?




























My Black pinstripe skirt – BCBG (old)

Black booties – Trouve’

Bag – Vintage Hermes



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