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The 2014 winter Olympics from Sochi are nearly half way through and there are still plenty of gold, silver and bronze medals up for grabs,. There will be over 1300 medals awarded this year and I couldn’t stop myself from wondering if the fashion industry’s obsession with metallic colors this season is in any way influenced by the Olympics.

I think the answer to that is an “absolute yes”. The fashion industry is always influenced with what is going on around the world, politically, socially or culturally. With the winter Olympics well underway this is a perfect opportunity to introduce some fabulous metallic fabrications in all the industries from fashion to home interiors and accessories.

For spring 2014, designers have definitely put the pedal to the metal and we are seeing “Full Metal Jackets” from some well known designers in New York & London fashion weeks. From using iridescent fabrics to colorful metallic leathers and mirror metallic finishes, they have given us a lot to choose from. One of the biggest trends I see is using these metallic fabrics for day time outfits. I actually really like this idea of using a bit of shine during the day and combining it with jeans to dress it down and give it a casual look. So why not get a metallic jacket or vest and throw it on with some jeans, if you think this might be is too much “bling” for you then just choose some metallic sandals or a great metallic clutch or bag. Either way you definitely need to get something metallic in your wardrobe for this spring.

I have put a couple of inspirational pages here for you to get you motivated to start looking for that special piece. I hope you will share your finds with me here.

Are The Olympic Medals Inspiring Fashion Designers for 2014 Trends

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