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How To Make An All White Outfit Pop With Color

With summer being officially here in a couple of days, wearing lots of white becomes very important. First to keep cool and second white just looks so crisp and fresh for summer. I love wearing white, but whenever I am wearing a white top and a white bottom I always like breaking it up with a second color. It could just be in my accessories but I think having a pop color gives the outfit another dimension. The same concept applies to all black outfits.

I wanted to show you an example of this by wearing an all white outfit and using our Cosmo jacket, Coral and Ivory print scarf and Matt gold necklace to make the outfit pop. I first noticed how great the Cosmo jacket looks over an all white outfit when I sold one of our Cosmo jackets at an event to a stylish woman who was wearing a sleeveless white dress and was cold and she wanted to add a jacket over her dress. She was the main speaker at this event and as soon as she put the Cosmo jacket on, her white dress looked so much more interesting and it grabbed her audience’s attention a lot more. Coral is a beautiful color for spring and summer and it looks great paired with white. It is also a very flattering color and looks great on most skin tones. I also added our Coral and Ivory print scarf because it looks perfect with the Cosmo jacket, but it also looks great on its own worn as a scarf or shawl over a white outfit. I can totally see wearing this outfit to the office and later at night taking the jacket off and using the scarf as a shawl for a sexier look. I love these kind of outfits that can easily go from a work day to a night out. To finish off the look I added our Matt gold necklace, tan shoes and bag.

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Cosmo Jacket – Click Here

Sheer Voile Coral and Ivory print square scarf with tassels – Click Here

Matt gold tone necklace with chain fringe and Earrings – Click Here

How do you wear all white and do you like my look?












How-To-Pop-An-All-White-Outfit-with-color-Jacket-Society-5326Cosmo Jacket – Jacket Society

Sheer Voile Coral and Ivory print square scarf with tassels – Jacket Society

Matt gold tone necklace with chain fringe and Earrings – Jacket Society

Tank top – Target by Mossimo

White skirt – HYPR (old)

Sandals – Gucci

Bag – Prada

Sunglasses – Ann Taylor

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