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You better man upI have to say I am super excited about the “Menswear” trend for women for fall 2013. It is one of my favorite trends every time it comes along. Normally I love wearing the “Menswear” look even if it’s not currently in style.

This year the look has been updated with some looser pieces without taking away from the tailored and structured look that it originated from. There is also a sexy edge that makes the look more sophisticated but relaxed at the same time.

Personally I think the best way for women to wear menswear is to feminize it in some way. You don’t want to look like a man from head to toe, so it is really important to mix the pieces the right way to get the ultimate look. There are different ways of doing this and here are some of my ideas on how I would approach them.

If you are wearing a men’s suit, try a feminine blouse with it, instead of a shirt, and wear some killer high heels. Menswear blazers also look great with soft skirts or pencil skirts, this definitely gives it a sexy edge. Another way of feminizing the look is by wearing soft accessories or mixing a bright color into the typical grays and blacks that usually define menswear.

As far as the bigger looser silhouettes that are on trend this season, make sure you pair them with slimmer pieces to keep the look feminine and sexy.

I have put together a couple of inspirational pages here for you and I hope they will give you some ideas on what menswear jackets to shop for or if you already own one, some fresh ideas on how to wear them. What is your favorite Menswear Look – Leave me a comment on your thoughts about this – I would love to hear them.

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