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As a designer, I always look for new ideas and inspirations to come up with, especially if they have interesting shapes. A few years ago when kimono inspired womens jackets were a big trend I loved the look and style, so I designed this jacket and had it made in a cute textured fabric. Well it ended up being one of my personal favorites that I have ever designed and it has become a staple in my closet.

I love the shape and versatility of it in how many different ways you can wear it, from dressing it up to wearing it in a more casual relaxed way.

Since one of the biggest “Fall 13” trends are looser, fuller and cocoon shaped jackets, it gave me an incentive to wear the jacket again this weekend. This time I am pairing it with slim black Capri pants. Whenever I wear a looser jacket I always wear a slimmer piece in the bottom. Be it cigarette pants or Capri pants or a slim skirt or dress, you want to balance the big volume piece on top with a slimmer piece in the bottom. I also like wearing it with a short sleeve or sleeveless top to really emphasize the sleeve shape, but if you are going to wear a long sleeve top under it, make sure it is a slim and tight sleeve.

I hope you like my favorite cropped jacket as much as I do because I have decided to include this style in my new “Jacket Society” women’s jacket line that will be launching soon.

It will have new fabrications and colors and will be available in time for the Christmas holidays on my new website. Please feel free to email me for any further information, I will be happy to tell you more.

Jacket – My own design

Pants – BCBG

Top – Feather and Bone

Shoes – Prada

Bag – Givenchy

Belt – Chanel

Sunglasses – Prada

October 29, 2013 — Nora Minassian

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