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Our Stylish Merlot Hooded Poncho

Last week I introduced you to some of our new reversible wraps and I also mentioned that we will be adding more of these kind of pieces to our web site for fall. Well the reaction to our new reversible wraps from last week was fantastic and we sold so many, I am so glad you liked them – they are my favorite go to piece right now and I know it is starting to cool down a lot now back east, so these are perfect for this time of year! I will continue to add more beautiful wraps and shawls like these throughout fall, so make sure to check the website for new and exciting pieces every week.

Today I want to show you our stylish Merlot hooded poncho with fringe. This piece has actually been up on our web site for a few days and we have already sold quite a few. With ponchos being one of the biggest trends for fall 2015, I think a lot of women are opening up to wearing them. What I love about this poncho, besides the color, is the fact that it is open in the front which makes it like a cape and easier to wear. I also love the fact that it has a hood.

I think a lot of women are afraid to wear ponchos because they really don’t know how to wear them. Because of their volume, they can be too much fabric to wear. Here are a couple of pointers on how to wear a poncho:

  1. Choose ponchos that work for your height, if you are short go with shorter lengths as the long ones can be too much.
  2. Make the poncho the main part of your outfit and keep the pieces underneath simple.
  3. Most ponchos have a lot of volume so choose slimmer and fitted pieces to wear under.

These were the rules that I applied to my look that I am showing you today. The Merlot poncho is a medium length poncho, and it has a beautiful rich color, so I wanted it to be the main focus of my outfit, hence the simple tee and black skinny jeans underneath. I can totally see it with jeans and boots as well or even over a little black dress with heels for a night out. Also a fabulous necklace or necklaces can be a great accessory to go with ponchos that open in the front like this one. It just so happened that we have a pendant and tassel necklace that matches the color of the poncho, so I added it to my look. We only have ONE OF THESE NECKLACES LEFT, so if you are interested I wouldn’t wait long to get the last one. The necklace is available here, and the Merlot poncho is here.

What are your thoughts on ponchos and what do you think of ours?

Jacket-Society-Merlot Hooded Poncho With Fringe-9699Jacket-Society-Merlot Hooded Poncho With Fringe-9710

Jacket-Society-Merlot Hooded Poncho With Fringe-9701

Jacket-Society-Merlot Hooded Poncho With Fringe-9713

Jacket-Society-Merlot Hooded Poncho With Fringe-9714Jacket-Society-Merlot Hooded Poncho With Fringe-9726

Jacket-Society-Merlot Hooded Poncho With Fringe-9728

Jacket-Society-Merlot Hooded Poncho With Fringe-9725


Merlot Poncho – Jacket society

Black skinny jeans – Rag and Bone

V neck tee – Massimo for Target

Sandals – Trouve’

Bag – Givenchy

Necklace – Jacket Society

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