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My husband and I have just returned after spending 12 days in Capri and the Amalfi Coast. Let me just say that we were not disappointed as it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited and Capri is filled with history.

I have been to Italy a few times before but mostly to the main cities like Rome, Venice, Florence and Milan, but I have always wanted to visit the coast. I will be doing a recap of our trip but it has to be in two or three parts as there are too many pictures and places to mention in one blog story, so today I will be sharing our adventures in Capri.

We flew into London’s Gatwick airport and then took a flight to Naples Italy arriving late in the evening so we stayed in Naples for that night just because we were too tired and didn’t really need to see Naples, as we had been to Naples and Pompei before. So our first stop was going to be Capri for three nights and the only way to reach Capri is by sea via ferry that departs from Naples several times a day.

When we arrived in Capri we took an open top taxi from the port up to the Piazetta which is the main square in Capri with lots of restaurants and designer shops all around. That is why it is called the most fashionable square in the world! From there we had to walk to our hotel, Hotel La Vega, as the streets are narrow and cars can’t get up there. We were very happy with the hotel as it is very close to the Piazetta, with beautiful views of the ocean, a nice pool and great service.

The weather was nice and sunny so as soon as we arrived we went down to relax by the pool for the afternoon and later on in the evening we walked up to the Piazetta for dinner which was beautifully lit at night and full of wonderful restaurants and cafes.

The next day we walked around to explore all the shops that lead up to the central Piazetta. They include all the high end designer shops and even some lovely smaller specialty stores.

The three types of specialty stores that are famous in Capri are:

  1. Capri Sandals – handmade to order and are one of the symbols of Capri. Local aritsans measure each client’s foot and then make the sandal from straps and decoration that the client chooses. Jackie Kennedy loved these sandals and would regularly order them.
  2. Artisanal Perfumes –As you explore the island, you will come across a number of perfume ateliers handcrafting artisanal scents all of which are made from the islands natural plants flowers herbs etc and they smell amazing.
  3. Limoncello – This after dinner liqueur made from the island’s lemons is a specialty on the island that you must try and you can even buy some bottles to bring back.

The island of Capri has two towns, Capri and Anacapri. Anacapri is located on the slopes of Mount Solaro at a higher elevation than Capri. We took a chairlift from Piazza Vittoria in Anacapri and reached the highest summit which had unbelievable views plus a restaurant where we sat and had drinks.

On the 3rd day we woke up to rainy and cloudy weather which is normal for September. Luckily most of the time its not heavy rain just showers and it stops pretty quickly. So we headed out with umbrellas in hand just in case. First we did a bit of shopping again and then we headed down to Marina Piccola which is a walking distance from the Piazetta. Marina Piccola is a beach area with umbrellas and chairs you can rent with great views of the islands famous Faraglioni rocks which are three towering rock formations approx 300 feet high that jut out into the sea and are considered the most iconic sight in Capri.

On our last day, before we were to get a ferry over to the Amalfi coast, we decided to visit Giardini di Aususto. Founded by Emperor Augustus these gardens are a series of flowered terraces that create a lookout point with yet another breathtaking view of the Fragliolini rock formations. From the gardens there is a windy road Via Krupp to Marina Piccola and past a bust of Lenin overlooking the road which no one knows why it was placed there. There were a few more perfume shops in this area as well as a lovely lemonade and fruit stand that are so prominent on the island.

I absolutely loved Capri and I can almost say it was my favorite place out of all the places we traveled to, but it is so hard because all the places were so beautiful so it is truly hard to choose. I highly recommend staying in Capri for a couple of days when visiting the Amalfi Coast as it is well worth it. We stayed 3 nights but you will be fine with 2 nights as well. Below you can see some of our photos from Capri and the places I have described. Please feel free to ask me any specific questions you might have about the trip – I will be happy to answer.

Have you been to Capri and how did you like it?


CAPRI – Arriving By Ferry From Naples – We Booked All The Ferries Online Before We Left Because They Can Fill Up Quickly During The Busy Season



We Made It – Poolside Relaxing Day One !



Night Number One – Dinner Date ! – Such A Wonderful Night



The Shopping Here Is Great And The Stores Are Amazing – I loved It !



The Main Piazza Umberto I in Capri – Is The Main Spot Full Of Cafes Restaurants and Cute Side Streets To Explore



Capri Sandals – The Stores Allow You To Choose Your Own Design And They Make Them Right There For You !



A Typical Lemoncillo Store !



The Chair Lift Up To The Top Of Mount Solaro !



Mount Solaro – At The Top – The Views Are Out Of This World



Mount Solaro – At The Top – Beautiful views – The Amalfi Coast Is Top Left



The Faraglioni From Mount Solaro



Mount Solaro – At The Top with the hubby



Going to dinner wearing our Maize off the shoulder top



A Rainy Day In Capri




Marina Piccola On A Rainy Morning



Via Krupp Taken From The Gardens Of Giardini Di Augusto



Gardens Of Giardini Di Augusto



Perfume shop – I love the Copper Stills Outside



The Wonderful Interior Of The Perfume Shop



How cute is the outside of this shop



A Fabulous Lunch In The Marina Before Catching The Ferry To Amalfi !



Saying Good Bye To Capri – Heading To The Amalfi Coast For Part Two Of Our Trip !


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