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Pantone Fall Winter 2021/2022 Color Trends

I know we are in the middle of summer and it is hard to imagine buying a lot of fall products right now, but fall is right around the corner and I think we need to start looking at what is trending.

In fact I have already been working on product development and purchasing for fall season for a while. As you may know the fashion industry has to work 3-6 months in advance, in order to ship products to stores or get products ready for their own store.

So I thought this would be good time to dive into the Pantone trend colors for fall and winter of 2021/22. Bear in mind that these colors are Pantone’s New York Fashion Week colors. They also do a London color card, but I think for those of us living in USA, the New York one makes more sense.

Below you can see each color with the name and a little description for each one. The last 4 colors are what they are calling their classics. Illuminating and Ultimate Gray remain the two colors they are calling the “Color of the Year” in continuation from spring.

Let me know what your thoughts are on the colors and which ones are your favorites. Which of these colors would you like to see in our fall/winter collection in our online store?

Mykonos Blue – A brisk blue evocative of the Aegean Sea.

Illuminating – Friendly and joyful – an optimistic yellow offering the promise of a sunny day.

Leprechaun – A wondrous green hue emblematic of the mythical imps featured in Irish folklore.

Fuchsia Fedora – Vivid fuchsia fedora is a flirtatious, bold pink with allure.

Pale Rosette – An endearing and gentle romantic pink.

Adobe – A warm and supportive sun-dried clay.

Fire Whirl – A vigorous red with a dynamic presence.

Rhodonite – A balancing blue based purple that aids in achieving one’s highest potential.

Spring Lake – A quiet and restfull midtone blue.

Root Beer – An herbal brown tone symbolic of the root bark of the sassafras tree.


Ultimate Gray – Quietly assuring and reliable, this gray encourages composure.

Coconut Cream – A thick and rich velvety white.

Soybean – A mild and companionable blonde beige.

Olive Branch – A tasteful green symbolic of growth.

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