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Saturday night we were meeting some friends for dinner and I decided to wear our Sonoma stripe jacket and style it with jeans for a different look than last time I styled this jacket- Here. The Sonoma jacket fabric is a nice soft and sanded cotton in cream with pink and grey pin stripes in it and the last time I wore it on the blog with a floral top. This is one of my favorite jackets and I get so many compliments when I wear it out, so I wanted to show you it all again but with simpler styling. For today’s look I have paired it with a pretty pink blouse and added a scarf and necklace to make it more interesting. I can’t imagine there are many women that don’t have something pink in their wardrobe, pink is after all the most popular female color, or is it?

According to some research studies, the long-held notion that women prefer pink while men prefer blue may hold some truth. And moreover, there might be a biological basis for why women prefer pink or at least more reddish tone colors than men. They suggest the explanation might go back to hunter-gatherer societies when women as primary gatherers would have benefited from an ability to identify ripe, red fruits. Therefore getting used to seeing more of red and pinkish shades and associating it with health and beauty. As much as women tend to like these colors, according to researchers, blues are still the number one color for men and women. Who knows what to think about all the studies, are we hard wired for colors? Blue for baby boys and pink for baby girls, colors, it seems, influence our behavior much more than we realize.

Personally I like pink, but I tend to gravitate towards earthier colors, like oranges and yellows. But whenever I wear pink I do see a glow on my skin and I feel very feminine in it, as cliché as that may sound. When I am looking for fabric for my jackets, or shopping for scarves and jewelry, I certainly keep pink in mind as a popular color among my customers. For this reason, it was easy to add accessories to my look from our Jacket Society accessory line for Saturday night. The scarf is a super soft geometric print with cute pink cotton tassels at each end and the necklace is another pretty long gold tone chain with a light pink acrylic stone and gold tone fringe. Both are very versatile and perfect for spring to wear with so many different outfits.









Jeans- Zara

Blouse – C’est Toi

Sandals – BCBG (old)

Clutch – BCBG (old)







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