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I think its safe to say we all love wearing neutrals, navy, black and white on daily basis, as they are easy to put together and they always look chic. The base to a lot of my outfits starts with one of these kind of colors, but I do like adding a pop color to make the outfit more exciting especially as we approach the beginning of summer. This pop color does not have to be one of the clothing items and it can be a piece of jewelry, shoes or a bag. I have done many outfits in my past blog stories where the pop color has been one of my accessories.

Today my pop color is our brand new Scarlet Cold Shoulder Blouse. I personally love red, and I have been told I look good wearing red. But I still like it best when I combine it with neutrals, black, white or navy. I am not saying you can’t wear red with another bright color, as I have seen many designers combine bright colors together and it might work for some women but for me personally I like wearing a bright color as a pop color with neutrals.

This Blouse is a really fun and sexy piece that can be worn dressed up or casually with jeans and flat sandals. The subtle and delicate self colored embroidery in the front with a cord drawstring tie and the cold shoulder ruffle flounse sleeve detail give this blouse a real feminine and soft look. The embroidery in the front is very delicate and subtle so it is hard to see it in all the photos. I have included one close up photo where you can see the embroidery but you can also see more detailed photos of it in our shop.

I chose to wear it with my slim black shorts instead of black pants, but it would obviously look great with black pants or skirt as well. This was the perfect opportunity for me to also style our Black and White Embroidered Kimono Jackets for a second time, since they both have red as one of the embroidery colors. I first styled both of these kimono jackets for you with our Sage Top with Scalloped sleeves here. Both these kimono jackets are perfect for spring and summer as they are chic and trendy but easy to wear for any woman. We only have a few of these kimono jackets left in each color now.

As for jewelry, I chose to wear our Gold Plated Chandelier Earrings with Black Stones instead of a necklace since the blouse has embroidery detail in the front and I wanted to keep it clean. I finished off the look with black wedge sandals, vintage Chanel bag and black sunglasses.

How do you like to wear red and do you like my look?















White Kimono Jacket with Floral Embroidery – Jacket Society

Black Kimono Jacket with Floral Embroidery – Jacket Society

Scarlet Embroidered Cold Shoulder Blouse – Jacket Society

Gold Plated Chandelier Earrings with Black Stones – Jacket Society

Black Shorts – White House Black Market

Black wedge sandals – Trouve (old)

Bag – Vintage Chanel


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