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Our Reversible Plaid And Herringbone Ponchos

Last year we had a few Reversible wraps for fall and they were all best sellers so I really wanted to offer more of them for this fall. This year instead of a wrap, I am offering you a reversible plaid and herringbone poncho in two color ways. The great thing about them being a poncho instead of a wrap is that you can wear them easily over your shoulders and they are shaped in a way that they will stay put like a vest or jacket. This makes them warmer and cozier for the colder months to come. The other great thing about them is that you can wear them over many items like tops, sweaters, dresses or even jackets and vests.

Ours are made of a soft and brushed fabric that is a large scale uneven plaid on one side and a smaller herringbone pattern on the other side. Essentially you are getting two ponchos in one. They are finished around the edges with a self colored blanket stitch all around the poncho. Both color ways are beautiful and very practical for a fall wardrobe with one being Camel based with black, red and ivory mixes and the other, Red based with black, ivory, gray mixes.

Both will look great over black jeans or pants, denim, skirts, dresses and even jackets. I styled them with my flared black jeans and an ivory turtleneck, both are simple pieces, but as soon as I put the ponchos on, the outfit came together and looked more stylish and chic. Coincidentally, we have a necklace in our shop right now that is also reversible or double sided, with one side of the stone being black and the other side ivory. So this was the perfect opportunity to show this necklace with these reversible ponchos. I have used the black side with the red poncho and the ivory side with the camel poncho. I finished off the look with my Luren by Ralph Lauren black booties and a black/cream BCBG clutch.

These ponchos and the necklace are available in our e-boutique now and you can see the links for them below. Limited quantities so if you like them get them now before they sell out.

Camel Reversible Plaid and Herringbone Poncho – Click Here

Red Reversible Plaid and Herringbone Poncho – Click Here

Antique gold double sided stone necklace with chain fringe – Click Here

What do you think of our reversible ponchos and which color is your favorite?















womens-reversible-plaid-ponchos-jacket-society-necklacesCamel Reversible Plaid and Herringbone Poncho – Jacket Society

Red Reversible Plaid and Herringbone Poncho – Jacket Society

Antique gold double sided stone necklace with chain fringe – Jacket Society

Flared black jeans – Hudson

Black booties – Lauren by Ralph Lauren

Clutch – BCBG

Turtleneck – Zara

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