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A couple of months ago I was approached by Pop Sonic Skin & Oral Care Products to write a review on some of their products.

I was told to hand pick the products I liked, use them and write an honest review.

After checking out their website I was very excited to collaborate with them and picked out my products for review. Soon after I received all the products in beautiful packaging, all with instructions on how to use them.

First a little bit about their company:

Their main mission is to create the quality products while making skincare and oral care affordable AND a lot more fun. When designing their products they consider every detail – from the optimal bristle thickness and cut, to the most efficient and long-lasting motor. They source every component from some of the best suppliers in the world.

Liquid poured anti-bacterial silicone, cutting edge toothbrush motors embedded just beneath the bristles on your toothbrush so less energy is wasted, these are only a few of the things that make Pop Sonic products some of the best.

Their products are not only fun but they are built to last. Most of their products come with a one-year limited warranty and they test every product before they’re ready to share them with the public.

Some of their products include:

  • Affordable Skincare and Oral Care – Sonic toothbrushes, Sonic water flossers, Skin cleansers, exfoliators and massagers, Hair trimmers.
  • LED Mirrors – Different size LED mirrors
  • Products for Him – Sonic tooth brushes, Hair trimmers, Glide Shavers.
  • Full 1 Year Warranty

I was sent a few of their great products and below you can see photos of each item I received with a small description and review for each.


Click Here to go to their site.

Strawberry 3 in 1 Device – Cleansing, Massaging and Exfoliation

Product Features – Adjustable Speeds, Antimicrobial Silicone, 100% Waterproof, Available in Two Colors Pink and Turquoise, Comes With Detailed Instructions and Charger.

My Review – I have used this product several times now and have loved it. It is super easy to use and you can use it all over your face and body. There are 2 different speeds you can use for the vibrations. The bristles are for cleansing and I used my own facial cleanser to clean my face and it felt really nice and clean afterwards. There are waves on the back side which you can use for massaging any part of your body. And last but not least the steel edge is for exfoliating. I used this in the shower when my face was wet and I felt the water and the steam helped a lot with the exfoliation.

Spade Cleanse, Infuse, Massage Device

Product Features – Antimicrobial Silicone, 100% Waterproof, Comes With Detailed Instructions and Charger.

My Review – This device is similar to the 3 in 1 except it is easier to hold in your hand since it is bigger. The bristles work the same way for cleansing and you can use your own cleanser on it. The back also has the same massaging waves as the Strawberry 3 in 1 device.

Buff 2.0 Ultrasonic Exfoliation Device – Refresh, Exfoliate, Infuse

Product Features – One Buff Exfoliator, USB charging cord Instruction Manual

My Review – This exfoliator is meant to gently removes dead skin cells, unclogs pores, and allows moisturizing products to penetrate more deeply. I used this device over my moist face and moved it upwards in a 45-degree angle with light to medium pressure. It felt nice and my skin was slightly red after, but I know that was from the exfoliation and a good sign that it is working. My face looked rejuvenated and refreshed afterwards.

Lip Exfoliator and Sugar Lip Scrub

Product Features – Non-Porous Silicone Rubber Tip with Soft Bristles, Waterproof, Battery Operated, Up to 24,000 Strokes Per Minute.

My Review – I have always struggled with dry lips and I was super excited to try this lip exfoliator which I have never tried before. I have to say I really like using this device and it is super easy to use with the sugar lip scrub it comes with. You just dab a little bit of the scrub on the brush, turn on the power and let it exfoliate and massage your lips. Definitely useful in these cold and dry winter days to protect your lips.

Pro Sonic – The Ultimate Sonic Toothbrush

Product Features – Comes with a Charger, Snap on Cap, USB Cable, 2 Standard Brushes, Ul Adapter, Available in 5 beautiful Colors, Dentist Recommended.

My Review – I have used other electric toothbrushes and let me tell you this is one of the best ones. From the slick look to its functionality, I have been super happy with it and have replaced my old one for this.

Typhoon Water Flosser

Product Features – Cordless Oral Irrigator, 3 Replaceable Heads, Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery, 3 Unique Pressure Settings, Waterproof Design

My Review – This is the first time I have actually used a power generated device to clean in-between my teeth, as I am used to flossing. I have always wanted to try one of these and let me tell you this is a “game changer”. I absolutely love it and now I don’t think I can go without one. Great quality and easy to use.

USB Sonic Rechargeable Toothbrush

Product Features – Advanced Sonic Twist Technology, Snap On Cap, Comes With 2 Brush Heads, USB Charging Cord, 3 Speeds, Comes in 9 Colors, and Much More.

My Review – I love this toothbrush and the two colors I received which are gold and silver are both so beautiful and unique. It works really well for everyday use and I love the cap that comes with it especially for traveling and storage.

Go Sonic Toothbrush

Product Features – Advanced Sonic Twist Technology, Snap On Cap, Comes With 2 Brush Heads, Battery Powered , 2 Speeds, Comes in 19 Colors and 6 pattern options, and Much More.

My Review – A great everyday toothbrush that is easy to use and travel with. Love all the colors and the fact that it comes in patterns as well.

Sonic Hair Trimmer

Product Features – Painless Hair Removal, Great For Peach Fuzz, Battery Operated, Combo Attachments, Snap On Cap.

My Review – This hair trimmer is great for trimming eyebrows, peach fuzz or even bikini line. I personally used it on my eyebrows and it worked really well. I also love the floral pattern design on it making it so feminine and appealing to the eye.

Fan Mirror Perspiration Free Makeup Application

Product Features – LED Adjustable Light, Cooling Fan for Perspiration Free Makeup, Cell Phone Holder, 5X Magnification Mirror, Come in 3 Colors.

My Review – This is the best mirror I have every had! It has amazing adjustable lighting and I love the fan which makes it easier to put your makeup on without getting too hot or sweaty. I also love the cell phone holder in the front which could even be used for taking videos or tutorials. Comes in 3 colors and I got the beautiful Rose Gold.

LED Makeup Mirror

Product Features – Detachable Base, 90 Degree Rotation, Natural LED Light, Accessory Tray, 1 x Magnification On Front Mirror, 5 x Magnification on Back Magnet Mirror, Rechargeable Battery.

My Review – This mirror almost has all the features as the one above with the exception of the fan. Also instead of the cell phone holder it has an accessory tray. It also has a separate small magnifying mirror attached to the back with a magnet. I liked this one just as much and it just comes down to what your personal needs and preferences are for a makeup mirror.

LED Compact Makeup Mirror

Product Features – Fold able Double Mirror, 1 x and 5 x Magnification, Battery Operated.

My Review – Great travel mirror or you can carry on daily basis but in a slightly larger bags only.

Gooseneck Mirror

Product Features – LED Makeup Mirror, Rechargeable Battery, 7 x Magnification, 360 Degree Rotation, Strong Suction Mount, Comes in 3 Colors.

My Review – This is a great option if you like a mirror to mount to your wall or any clean surface to save space on your counter top. The LED mirror is great with a 7 x magnification. It comes in 3 great colors and I chose the Rose Gold again.


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