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As for today’s looks, I have two new ponchos that are perfect for the holidays. The two reasons for them being perfect for this time of the year are, first their colors and second the bit of shimmer detail in them.
The two color options are a rich shade of pomegranate and a chic black. The metallic shimmer in them is very subtle and is placed as a diagonal stripe in certain parts. They have a fold back cowl neck which also has the shimmer detail. The fabric is very soft and cozy, and the metallic shimmer is not harsh, it blends nicely into the yarn. It is finished off, in certain sections, in a self-fringe.
For jewelry I am wearing our Gold Tone Hoop Earrings, which are my go-to earrings on daily basis these days. I am also wearing a great new bracelet, our Matte Gold Multi Chain Bracelet with Charm. This bracelet looks great on its own or you can wear it with your watch. It would also make a fabulous Christmas gift for a loved one.
Speaking of Christmas gifts, if you would like to send a gift from our shop to a special person, you can let us know and we can add a holiday card with your own note handwritten in the card. We also have gift certificates available in case you are interested. You can get one HERE.
Pomegranate Cowl Neck Poncho with Shimmer Detail - Click Here
Black Cowl Neck Poncho with Shimmer Detail - Click Here
Black skinny jeans - The Gap
Booties - Lola Cruz
Bag - Givenchy 
How do you like my looks?



Sinziana said:

These are very elegant! You look great!


Jill said:

The red poncho is gorgeous and perfect for the holidays!

Jill – Doused in Pink

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