Weekend Flash Sale On All Our Jackets Blazers And Vests - Just Style LA

Last week I wrote about the three piece rule and how it applies to making your outfit more interesting by adding a third piece to your outfit. Even though the third piece can be an accessory like a jewelry piece or scarf, my favorite go-to piece is always a jacket, cardigan or vest.

These three items for me are the most important third piece with a jewelry or scarf piece coming in as the fourth and fifth pieces. I really do believe that jackets, cardigans and vests make any outfit more stylish and your whole looks becomes more put together and polished.

To prove my point I am having a Weekend Flash Sale on all our jacket, blazers, cardigan and vests so you can all take advantage of getting your favorite pieces with great savings. I have lots of brand new spring jackets that I have recently added to the shop and of course some older favorites that never go out of style.

Below you can see a recap of some of our newest items and some of our best sellers. This is to help refresh your memory on some of the jackets in our store, however I strongly suggest you take a look at the whole category as there are many other pieces that I have not included here but they are still part of our flash sale.



















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