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What Is Your Favorite White Jacket?

I love my shrunken white Theory blazer which I have had for a long time and keep wearing with different things. The fabric is a really nice stretch cotton that gives me comfort to move easily especially when I decided to buy a size smaller than my usual size to get the “shrunken look”. I decided to pair it today with this mid calf sarong type skirt in silk because I love the proportion play between the small shrunken jacket and the longer fluid skirt.

I have been following New York Fashion Week shows for Spring 2014 and there are a lot of skirts being shown, some of which are mid calf length. I say it’s about time, since I think this is a very elegant length. Thank fully I keep pieces I love, as they always come back into style one way or another, you just have to know how to mix them up with more current pieces. I think my favorite white shrunken jacket with a simple tank top do the trick here.

Whats in your wardrobe?

Jacket – Theory

Skirt – BCBG

Tank top – Gap

Shoes – Gucci

Clutch – Louis Vuitton

Sunglasses – Prada

Here are some white jackets from the August 2013 InStyle Magazine

Whats Your Look White Jacket?

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