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A Visit To West Hollywood Wearing Our Roma Blazer

As many of you may know I live in Glendale which is about a half hour drive and just north west of downtown Los Angeles. I have lived in Glendale since 1980, so this is pretty much home for me. My husband though, after moving here from England, first lived in Venice and then later moved to West Hollywood. I actually convinced him to move to Glendale when we were dating and he now loves living here, but once in a while we both like to go back out to West Hollywood for shopping or dinner since there are so many great shops and restaurants out there.

On Sunday we decided to drive over to West Hollywood to do our photo shoot and then walk around after and enjoy some of the local shops and have dinner. We started off at Melrose Place which is a small street, just off of Melrose Avenue near La Cienega. This is a relatively short street to the north of Melrose Avenue with some great designer stores and a few great restaurants all in a really nice setting.

We then headed out over to “The Grove” which is an outdoor shopping mall next to the original “Farmers Market” with restaurants, shops and movie theaters over on 3rd & Fairfax. If you watch “Extra” the TV entertainment news show, then you know they film from the Grove daily. The Hollywood Farmers’ Market is right next door and is a must see place if you are ever in the area filled with wonderful smaller family restaurants and market stalls where you can find so many things. Now I am not a big lover of candy or sweets with the exception of chocolate, of course, but my all time favorite sweet treat is actualy made and sold here at this Farmer’s Market and every time we go to the Grove, I can’t resist but to buy a box or two. Its called “LittleJohn’s English Toffee” and let me tell you it is yummy and addictive. They have all kinds of fudges and chocolates as well as candies that are all made on the premises, but my favorite is their English toffee that is lightly covered with chopped nuts. If you like toffee, you have to try this one, it is so buttery, light and crisp and the good thing is you can order it online here. Great Christmas gift idea – Below you can see a few photos of their stand and the actual toffee.

As for what I wore, I wanted to show you our new Roma blazer which is a sister blazer to the Milano blazer. It is the same cut and the same fabric design but in a beautiful brown and tan combo. It is also lined in my favorite animal print lining which looks great when you fold the sleeves up and show a little bit of the lining. This is one my favorite ways to wear a women’s blazer. I wore it with my jeans, a cream top and one of our beautiful fringe necklaces. I also wanted to show you my Maxwell Scott bag for a second time, which I debuted a few months ago, as I love this bag and I get complimented on it all the time. Make sure you check out their web site here.

You can purchase the Roma blazer here and the necklace here.

What is your all time favorite sweet treat and what do you think of our Roma blazer?











Jacket Society LittleJohns farmers market

Roma Blazer – Jacket Society

Skinny Jeans – Rag & Bone

Top – H&M

Pointy pumps – Steve Madden

Bag – Maxwell Scott Clarissa bag

Necklace – Jacket Society

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