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A few weeks ago my husband and I were invited to an open house and art tour of the Eastern Columbia Building in downtown Los Angeles by Mary Fagnano of I met Mary at the Unique LA show in early May where we talked about my Jacket line, downtown Los Angeles and how it has changed so much over the last decade. She was admiring my jackets and also told me that she had a blog called Downtownboomers which is about empty nesters escaping suburbia and taking up residence in a loft in downtown Los Angeles with the purpose of trading in yard work for time to have new life experiences with her husband Jay. Mary, like myself loves connecting with amazing women and she also writes on her blog about interesting restaurants, fashion, home décor, art and anything else she discovers as a downtown resident. DTLA (short for downtown Los Angeles) as it is known by to many, has changed significantly for the better over the last few years and is a really up and coming area with new developments breaking ground nearly every week it seems.


Mary & Ray opened up their beautiful home to us, as did many others In the beautiful Eastern Colombia building that afternoon and I had a chance to talk to Mary about Jacket Society and blogging and low and behold the following week she had written a lovely story about me on her blog, I was flattered and very much appreciated the post – Thank you so much Mary and we hope to see you and your husband Jay again soon!

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During the art tour of the Eastern Colombia building we had the opportunity to visit some of the stunning lofts throughout the building on various floors. The owners were also displaying their personal arts & crafts that were for sale during the event. We met some wonderful people which was great fun. One person that I met and instantly bonded with was Jan McCarthy. Jan is a multi- talented woman, she is also a blogger, an interior designer, artist, entrepreneur and radio / TV host, just to name a few. First of all I loved her loft and the way she had decorated it was simply stunning. She was also exhibiting and selling some of her beautiful artwork that she paints, which I really loved. During our conversation, she admired my jacket and I was telling her about my company Jacket Society, how it all started and what I do on a daily basis to keep it all running smoothly. Jan then asked me what I was doing next Tuesday morning, would I be available to talk about my company and could I join her on her internet radio talk show called “The life of an entrepreneur” to which I immediately replied “I would love to – thank you so much – how fun”

So last week I did my first ever radio interview, I was a little anxious and nervous as I did not know what to expect since I have never done a radio interview before, but Jan made me feel so comfortable and made it so easy and fun, that the one hour show went by very quickly without a hitch. We hit it off and after the show we decided to get a bite to eat together right around the corner from the studios at Terroni. We had a wonderful lunch and became better acquainted and I am looking forward to seeing Jan again it was so much fun.

 I love these kind of opportunities to network and meet wonderful, strong and accomplished women who are all busy doing very interesting projects. Mary and Jan are these kinds of women and I am so happy I got to meet them and hope to see a lot more of them.

What about you, have you met any amazing women lately that you’ve totally connected with?



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