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Introducing Our Rosemary Lace Vest

A month ago when I debuted our black Lily lace jacket, it was a big hit and we sold out of them pretty quickly. Personally I have always loved lace jackets and vests and after the reaction I got from all of you on our Lily lace jacket, I really wanted to do another lace piece.

When I came across this olive lace fabric, I immediately fell in love with it. The geometric pattern makes it very unique and different from the typical floral lace patterns you see in stores. I thought that because the pattern of the fabric was so different I would design a unique shape to go with it as well. Hence the vest’s shorter front and back and the longer sides. You can really see the shape in the photos below.

I also love the color, not only because I love olive but also because olive has been trending for spring summer 2016 and I believe it will go into early fall as well. Olive for me works for all seasons and it works great for transition and fall, especially if you mix it with darks like black, shades of brown or even navy. It also looks great with lighter shades like tan or white which is how I am showing you it styled today.

With the weather being super-hot right now, I chose to style this piece with my white skinny jeans and a white tank top. If you use Olive, with white as your base color in your outfit, you can accessorize it with many different colors like black, brown or even bright colors like yellow or orange.

One way to decide whic way to go, would be to choose a jewelry piece you like to determine the color scheme for the rest of your accessories. When I came across the necklace I am wearing today, I thought it was perfect for the Rosemary lace vest because of its earthy tones in the brown, tan and celadon, especially combined with the antique gold chain and cross. The necklace then helped me figure out the color for the rest of my accessories, like my shoes, bag and belt which ended up being tan. A darker brown would also have worked just as well.

You can purchase our Rosemary lace vest HERE and the Antique gold tone necklace with Asian inspired cross HERE. Limited quantites on both so do not wait.

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Rosemary-Lace-Vest-Jacket-Society-6302Rosemary lace vest – Jacket Society

White skinny jeans – Zara

White tank top – Massimo by Target

Antique gold tone necklace with Asian inspired cross – Jacket Society

Platforms – Zara

Bag – YSL

Belt – Club Monaco

Sunglasses – Tom’s

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