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As we are getting closer to fall and most of us are starting to think about our fall wardrobes, I thought this would be a good opportunity to look at Pantone’s color report for fall 2016. Bare in mind that there are lots of color trend forecasting companies and they might have slightly different colors in their reports, so it is hard to have one universal color story that works for everyone. However, the Pantone Color Institute is one of the most used resources for color direction by brands and companies globally, so today I am going to cover their fall color story for 2016.


Riverside is a cool and calming yet strong shade of blue that displays vibrancy and sophistication.

pantone color riverside

Airy Blue

Airy Blue was used by a lot of designers on the runway to show weightlessness in a world of conflict. It is meant to evoke serenity and calm.

pantone color airy blue


A modern, perfect color for fall that would pair perfectly with any other bright or muted color palette. It is a practical yet perfectly chic color for fall.

pantone color sharkskin

Aurora Red

A bold red that is warm, sensual and immediately pleasing to the eye. This color conveys excitement, energy and confidence.

pantone color aurora red

Warm Taupe

A timeless and sophisticated neutral that suggests reassurance and stability. It is a trusted and grounded color you can go back to time and time again.

pantone color warm taupe

Dusty Cedar

This color is called the fall and winter of the pinks we used in spring. It is dustier and exudes warmth and complexity.

pantone color dusty taupe

Lush Meadow

This is a rich and elegant, vibrant and sophisticated shade of green. It is brighter and deeper than the more neutral greens.


pantone color lush meadow

Spicy Mustard

Continuing the trend of yellow from spring, this shade is spicier and more vibrant.


pantone color spicy mustard

Potter’s Clay

Sort of a neutral earth tone but with an element of russet orange in its undertones makes this color so beautiful and sophisticated.


pantone color potters clay


An unexpected color for fall which is perfect for an accent color to work back to darks like black, gray and navy. Perfect color for those of us that would like to keep on using pink and purple after spring.

pantone color bodacious

What are your thoughts on these colors and which ones are your favorites?

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