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Even though I have lots of new fall products to share with all of you, I could not do a Style feature shoot this week because my husband aka “photographer” is currently stuck in South Carolina, waiting for Hurricane Irma to clear out so he can fly to Orlando Florida and then back home to Los Angeles.

He left last week for a business trip to see customers down the east coast with his last destination being at his company headquarters near Orlando. Now all the airports are closed and he is not able to fly until they open possibly Wednesday. Of course I want him to be safe so he needs to wait as long as possible to make sure its safe to fly. Needless to Say he will be busy catching up with additional style and product photos as soon as he gets back home this weekend.

Speaking of Hurricane Irma, my thoughts and prayers are with all of my readers, customers and families living in the areas affected. I can’t believe the devastation of both Hurricane Harvey and now Irma. I hope this is the end of these kinds of devastating hurricanes for a long time to come.

Since I couldn’t do a new photo shoot, I thought this would be a good opportunity to let all of you know that all of our BEST-SELLING Cape Vests are back in stock! As you know we have been running these cape vests for a couple of years and every time they sell out as soon as we put them up.

We have all the colors in stock that we have shown in the past. I am looking to do a few new colors later in the year but these five colors are great because they are all classic neutrals with the exception of the Pale Pink which is just a fun, pretty color.

Below you can see two photos of each color as a recap from my previous blog stories. Of course there are more photos of each color that you can check out in our shop photos. The links for each color is listed below for your convenience to just click on them and purchase. If you like them, don’t wait, they sell out quickly.

Putty Cape Vest – Click Here

Camel Cape Vest – Click Here

Black Cape Vest – Click Here

Cream Cape Vest – Click Here

Which color is your favorite and what color would you like to see in them for the future?













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