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Happy Mother’s Day And A Reminder About Our Sale

With Mother’s Day being tomorrow, I want to wish you all a early Happy Mother’s Day. I hope you enjoy a wonderful day being pampered and spoiled with family and friends. My son and my husband have some plans for me that they have not revealed so I am looking forward to a nice relaxing and fun day with them, all I know it is some where exciting in downtown Los Angeles .

Because its all about Moms or as my husband says “Mums” I wanted to take this opportunity to write a little bit about my own mother and my own experience of motherhood which is something I have never written about before. I lost my mother 25 years ago to cancer. She got sick and she was gone within nine months. It was one of the hardest times of my life, not to mention my first major loss of any kind. It was an extremely difficult time for me as I was the baby in the family and I was very close to my mom.

I had been married to my first husband for only two years and my mom was eagerly waiting for us to get pregnant and have our first child. I was working in the fashion industry and was not ready to start a family so I kept telling her to wait. When she passed away I just couldn’t believe how quickly something like that can happen and how much it changed my life. I used to see her almost daily so there was a big void in my life for a long time. After her passing I didn’t really want to have kids for a while so it took me another 4 years to decide to start a family.

It didn’t take long for me to get pregnant and I had my son when I was 33. The day my son was born was the best day of my life and everyday after that has been a blessing being a mom to him. I love being a mom and showing him the love and care that my mom showed to me throughout my life. I just wish my son could have met my mom.

The years in between the loss of my mom and having my son, Mother’s Day was always difficult for me. I would try to celebrate it with my sister who is also a mom or girlfriends that were mom’s already. But there was always that void of not having my mom around.

Since I have had my son though, it has become easier as I celebrate it with him as a mother rather than a daughter. Having said that my mom is always in my heart and I will never forget her on Mother’s Day or in fact on any other day.

I look forward to spending Sunday with my son and my husband, and I hope you all have a fantastic day as well celebrating moms past, present and future.

Also Just a quick reminder about our “Mother’s Day Sale” that will end on Monday at midnight. Use code MD17 to get 15% everything in our store (including SALE Items) plus you get Free US Shipping and $25.00 flat rate shipping for all international orders.

Mothers Day 1965 With My Mom

Me And My Mom 1990

Me And My Son 2004

Some Of My Favorite Shots With My Son Over The Years

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