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With summer officially arriving in just a few days, shorts are becoming one of our best go-to bottoms. I personally wear a lot of shorts this time of the year. I think they just take the place of my everyday jeans which I live in the rest of the year.

Most of us think of shorts for casual looks, and that is perfectly fine. However, today I am showing you how easy it is to dress up your shorts for special outings. All you have to do is add a lightweight jacket, kimono or cardigan, some heels and a few accessories to take you casual shorts look to another level.

As a base outfit, I have started off with my dark denim wash shorts (which used to be jeans that I cut off myself) and our Ivory V neck Short Sleeve Top. For the first look I am wearing our brand-new Blue Leopard Border Print Kimono, as my light weight jacket.

The blue color combo for this leopard print is such a fun way to do leopard for summer. It also has a small geometric border print in the bottom and the sides. The fabric is a really nice quality rayon. The body is loose with kimono style sleeves and a small ruffle detail in the bottom of the sleeves.

This leopard Kimono also has a matching small neck tie to go with it. You can use it as a neck tie like I have done for today or you can even use it as a tie around your pony tail for your hair.

The fabric for this piece is a soft 100% rayon that is printed in a pretty tropical leaf print in shades of blue and turquoise with a touch of lilac. It’s an easy body to wear with kimono style sleeves and a tie in the front that you can wear a few different ways.

For today’s look I have shown you how you can tie this piece in the front or warp it around and tie it in the back.

For accessories I am wearing our Gold Hoop Earrings with One Teardrop Rhinestone and Gold Sea foam Cream Three Piece Bracelet Set.

Ivory V Neck Short Sleeve Top – Click Here

Dark denim short – Old Rag & Bone jeans that I cut off into shorts myself

Sandals – Botiker

Clutch – Calvin Klein (old)

How do you like my look?






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