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Jewel tones are usually more popular for fall as they can be darker and deeper shades of what I am showing today. But if you take some of them and go a little lighter or brighter, they can work just as well for spring and summer especially when they are paired with white.

Today I am showing you three of our tops that are variations of jewel tones styled with my white shorts.

The first top is a new item in a very pretty shade of purple. It is made from bamboo with a little bit of lycra. Bamboo is very similar in hand to rayon modal, so it is super soft. Here are some of the characteristics of bamboo.

  1. One of the eco-friendliest fabrics on the planet.
  2. One of the softest fabrics on the planet.
  3. Has antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties.
  4. It’s breathable so it keeps you cool during summer
  5. It has natural UV protection.

The body is loose but not oversized. The dolman sleeves are elbow length, and they have a tie detail at the ends.

The second top is our Jade Dolman Sleeve Jersey Knit Top. We have had this top in our store for a while, but I have not had a chance to properly style it for you. The jade color is very pretty, and I think it looks great with white.

The sleeves on this one is also dolman style and to the elbow. However, they are a bit wider. The fabric is the same as all our rayon modal jersey tops so its super soft. It has a band in the bottom that you can wear closer to your waist or pull it down closer to your hip.

For the last top I am wearing our best-selling Fuchsia Round neck Short Sleeve Top, which we have re-stocked a few times. The fuchsia color of this top is very pretty with white and the combo is just perfect for summer. This top is also one of our rayon modal jersey tops. The body is long and you can see the length in the side view or in our store photos.

For jewelry I am wearing one of our necklaces and earrings that can almost be a set, but we are selling them separately. Both are made out of matte gold tone metal and have the same type of oval shape pendant design.

I finished off the look with our Tan Fabric Clutch with Beaded Applique which is a very pretty clutch for summer. We only have one of these clutches left.

 Purple Bamboo Slit Tie Sleeve Top – Click Here

Fuchsia Round Neck Short Sleeve Top – Click Here

White denim short – The Gap

White sandals – Prada

Sunglasses – Rayban

How do you like my looks?



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