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I have had this BCBG leather jacket for over five years which was a Christmas gift from my husband that I chose myself. I can’t tell you how many times I have worn it and I still love it. Even though it is not a traditional style for a leather jacket, it still stays current and I wear it every season.

Here are some of the reasons I love leather jackets so much:

  1. They always have a “cool factor” and make every outfit look more modern.
  2. It’s easy to travel with them since they don’t wrinkle.
  3. You can wear them to work or play.
  4. They are versatile and work with everything from jeans to a soft dress.
  5. Even though they are more appropriate for fall, you can wear them year round.
  6. They are age appropriate for anyone.

Typically I wear mine a lot with jeans or black skinnies, but I love wearing it with softer pieces like dresses or skirts as well. Last week I wore it over my Leon Max soft jersey dress with my favorite booties. As soon as I put the leather jacket on over the dress my outfit became cooler and edgier. The plaid scarf made it more current and trendy and my necklace enhanced the soft element of the outfit. 

Ever since I started my blog I have been constantly asked in the comments about where I buy my jewelry. So I thought why not buy a few pieces that I really like personally from local artists and jewelry makers and sell them here on my website. All the jewelry you see here are pieces that I have handpicked and would love to wear on daily basis. I always love mixing necklaces and I will offer certain necklaces that look like they are mixed necklaces but they are actually just one piece and at other times I will suggest to you which pieces to mix together to create a special look.
All the Jewelry shown will cover various price points from more affordable pieces to more novel slightly more expensive pieces with precious metals and gems as I myself buy both kinds of jewelry and sometimes even mix them to create a great look.

I hope you will take a look at them 

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What are your thoughts on leather jackets and what is your favorite style?

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Leather Jackets Are A Timeless Trend-1130

Leather Jackets Are A Timeless Trend-1222

Leather Jackets Are A Timeless Trend-1141

Leather Jackets Are A Timeless Trend-1240

Leather Jackets Are A Timeless Trend-1154

Leather Jackets Are A Timeless Trend-1166

Leather Jackets Are A Timeless Trend-1143


Leather jacket – BCBG (old)

Dress – Leon Max (old)

Booties – Trouve

Bag – Gucci

Scarf – Jacket Society

Necklace – Jacket Society

Sunglasses – BCBG



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