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I have been busy working on new designer jackets for women to add to the website and new additions to our jewelry and scarf sections as well. The Chanel look necklaces I am wearing today are some of my new additions. I immediately fell in love with these simple elegant necklaces, because they are so reminiscent of Coco Chanel and her jewelry. They were inspired by the famous Chanel 2.55 shoulder bag straps. I think they look great as a necklace, especially with the little pearl and gold tassel at the end. I decided to wear them with my Napa boucle Moto jacket for women, which is also made of a fabric inspired by the Chanel boucle jacket as well. Last but not least I thought I would add my own flower pin in honor of the Coco Chanel signature camellia flower to finish the look.

Here is a little background on how the camellia flower and the Chanel 2.55 shoulder bag became famous and left a mark in the fashion industry as one of the “Chanel signature looks.”

Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel was and still is the ultimate style icon of the century. She epitomized Parisian style and was effortlessly chic. She wore mostly black but she knew how to accessorize with her multi strands of pearl and gold chain necklaces, chunky cuff bracelet’s and her signature camellia flower. She fell in love with the camellia flower after her lover Arthur Edward “Boy” Capel gave one to her. It became her emblem and the brand’s signature as she started wearing them on her jacket lapels and in her hair. Pearls were the other accessory she loved to wear. She thought they reveal the most feminine aspect of a woman. As far as the Chanel 2.55 bag is concerned, she wanted to add shoulder straps to a woman’s bag to give her more freedom in movement. Back in those days most women carried bags in their hands and it was somewhat of a hindrance. The idea behind the shoulder strap chains came to her from the caretakers of the convent where she grew up. They held the keys at their waist dangling from the same type of chains as the 2.55 shoulder bag straps.


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My Chanel Inspired Look-1689

My Chanel Inspired Look-1803

My Chanel Inspired Look-1800

My Chanel Inspired Look-1693

My Chanel Inspired Look-1730

My Chanel Inspired Look-1701

My Chanel Inspired Look-1769

My Chanel Inspired Look-1794

Culottes – Metropark (Old)

Top – Feather and Bone

Sandals – Audrey Brooks

Bag – Gucci

Belt – Banana Republic

Sunglasses -BCBG

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