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Our Cosmo Jacket Mixed With A Burnout Print Scarf

For me scarves are a must have accessory that can be worn year round. However, as you know, they do become even more important for fall and winter. For spring/summer you can throw on a light weight scarf over a simple tank top or tee shirt and that can immediately make your simple outfit stylish. For fall/winter however, they not only look very chic with your jacket or coat but they will keep you warm as well. One of the reasons I added scarves to our website last year was because they look great with jackets and blazers and I love wearing them year round. They can add so much style to your outfit and are a perfect piece to pair with jackets.

I first showed you the Cosmo jacket for spring, you can see that post here – but I wanted to style our Cosmo jacket again, this time with transitional fall look. When styling it for fall, I decided to add one of our brand new burnout print scarves to my outfit that we have just added to the web site. I love the pattern of this scarf and the technique that is used to achieve this look which is called a “burnout” or “Devore” in French. Without getting into too much detail, here is a little description of what a burnout fabric means.

Devore; aka burnout is a fabric texture and design technique where a mixed fiber material undergoes a process to dissolve the cellulose fibers and create a semi-transparent pattern against a solidly woven background. Because of this process, you end up with a beautiful and delicate pattern or print with a slight texture and that is what makes it different from a conventional print.

I styled our Cosmo jacket with my Seven for all mankind knit jean pant in black, a graphic tee, my pointy boots and our beautiful new burnout scarf in black/ivory combo. I like mixing the graphic tee or even a print top with a print scarf, as long as the two patterns are compatible and mix well together. You can purchase our new burnout scarf here and the Cosmo jacket here. The burnout scarf is also available in a navy/ivory combo and you can purchase that here.

I have also added a short fun video for you to see all the different ways you can wear scarves. I came across this video the other week – I think it is really helpful.

For those of you that follow me on Facebook and social media, you may have already seen it on our page a few days ago.

Do you wear scarves year round and what do you think of my look?










I Love this video which shows how to tie your scarf- ‘4 Scarves- 16 Ways’

Cosmo Jacket – Jacket Society

Black pants – Seven for all mankind

Graphic tee shirt – Grifflin

Scarf – Jacket Society

Boots – Fru.it (old )

Bag – Givenchy

Belt – Chanel

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