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With fall officially here, I thought this would be a good time to share Pantone’s Fall and Winter 2019/20 colors with you. To be honest I am a little bit on the fence about some of the colors as I think they are a strange combination and not very practical or salable. However there are a few colors I do like and I would see myself incorporating them into our store and they will make their way into my own wardrobe at some point.

Those colors are:

  1. Sugar Almond – which is one of my all time favorite colors for fall and we is very similar to our Chestnut Shawl Collar Blazer (Currently Sold Out) 
  2. Rocky Road – A very pretty shade of brown.
  3. Chili Pepper – A very pretty shade of red orange.
  4. Bluestone – Pretty shade of blue and we already have a few items coming very soon in this color, so stay tuned.
  5. Eden – A pretty shade of dark green.

As for what they are calling “classics” I like the first three colors, Vanilla Custard, Evening Blue and Paloma which are all great neutrals but I do not understand the Guacamole, since it is not a classic or neutral color for me.

I also like some of the other colors as a color but I don’t think they are “great fall colors”.

I would love to hear your opinions and which colors are your favorites and you would like to see products in.


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