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I know we are in the middle of winter and experiencing pretty cold weather conditions in certain parts of the country. But the good news is spring is just around the corner and I think we need to start looking at what is trending color wise for spring and summer.

In fact I have already been working on product development and purchasing for spring/summer season for a while. In the recent blog posts, I have started showing new spring items and will keep on adding to them.

So I thought this would be good time to dive into the Pantone trend colors for spring and summer of 2023. Bear in mind that these colors are Pantone’s New York Fashion Week colors. They also do a London color card, but I think for those of us living in USA, the New York one makes more sense.

Below you can see each color with the name and a little description for each one. The last 5 colors are what they are calling their core classics. 

Let me know what your thoughts are on the colors and which ones are your favorites. Which of these colors would you like to see in our fall/winter collection in our online store?
Fiery Red - A super charged red tone signaling an energetic intensity
Beetroot Purple - An emboldened fuchsia hue depicting the fruits of nature
Tangelo - A tangy, tasty vitamin enriched orange 
Peach Pink - A nurturing peach tone invites you in for a warm embrace
Empire Yellow - A luminescent yellow that radiates joyfulness 
Crystal Rose - A clear pink conveying modern romance
Classic Green - A nourishing green imbued with health giving qualities 
Love Bird - An exotic green with a lively character 
Blue Perennial - A stand-out blue that spikes the palette 
Summer Song - A clean blue tone that expresses relaxation and tranquility 
The Core Classics 
Skylight - A pure and watery cleansing aqua
Vanilla Cream - A soft and delicious creamy tone 
Gray Lilac - A dreamy and ethereal lilac infused gray 
Leek Green - A vegetal green with a subtle flavor 
Macchiato - A delectable brown with a light layer of foam 

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