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Recap Of Fall 2021 Trends - Just Style LA
We still have a few months left in fall/winter fashion season, but soon you will start seeing spring 2022 merchandise making their way into the stores.
That is just how the fashion industry works. I personally like working a little closer to season, but we will also start transitioning into spring in the next couple of months.
Today I wanted to do a recap of fall trends and some of the items I have shown you which fall in this category. I don't think trends are absolutely necessary to look fashionable and stylish, however I do believe using a few of them can update your wardrobe for the season and make you feel refreshed.
I am doing this recap to give you a chance to grab your favorite items, if you haven't done so already.
Some of the items are easy to take into early spring as well. Below you can see my picks and under each photo you can see the link that will take you to the product to purchase it.
Remember as a valued subscriber and customer you always get a 15% discount which you can use on any of the items shown below.

1. Oversized Blazers

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