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Moto jackets are quickly becoming a staple in every woman’s wardrobe especially for this fall season. It seems that every year there are more of them to choose from, from traditional leather combos to suede’s and knits, everyone can find one that suits their style.

Normally when I think of wearing any of my own Moto jackets, I gravitate towards wearing them with pants. They just seem easier to pair with pants. That is why I decided to take our two Moto jackets, the Napa and the Monterey and style them with a skirt. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I actually really liked wearing them with a skirt. It gives the whole look a feminine vibe and I like the mix of the feminine with the masculine. That is why it is always good to experiment with new looks or at least try them on and see how you feel about the look before running to your safer looks that you are used to wearing all the time.

Our Napa and Monterey Moto jackets are made out of the same boucle fabric with the Napa being the Burgundy/Black combo and the Monterey the Blue/Black combo so they both worked perfectly with one of my favorite pencil pinstripe skirts that has a back flounce and is a bit longer in the back. I have had this skirt for a long time and I never get tired of the shape.

I also wanted to introduce two of our brand new multi layered necklaces which I think work perfectly with the Napa and the Monterey jackets. One is a burgundy/black combo and the other a blue/black combo. As you all know I love stacking necklaces so I added another one of our brand new black stone necklace to each look to make it more exciting. I chose to wear mine with my brand new pointy Calvin Klein booties that I recently purchased from Nordstrom. However this look will work just as perfectly with pumps and tights or longer boots for those of you who live in colder climates.

As I mentioned last week, any items that I show from Jacket Society line on the blog will be on a 24 hour FLASH SALE. If you like the Napa or the Monterey Moto jackets, now would be the perfect time to buy them since they are already on sale and you get an additional 15% off with code FS0119 on both for the next 24 hours. The same applies to all three necklaces featured today. You can find all the links to the products below.

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How do you like wearing Moto jackets with skirts?















Pencil skirt – BCBG (old)

V neck top – Forever 21

Pointy booties – Calvin Klein 

Bag – Gucci


Sunglasses – BCBG

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