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The minimalist color combo of black and white is always stylish. Whenever you are in doubt as to what to wear, just put a black and white outfit together and you will look great!

One of the blouses that we offer in our shop is available in black and off white, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to style them together in the same style feature as a black and white looks.

I have styled both of these blouses for you before and you can see the black one here and the off white one here. As indicated in the name, the body for both of these tops is a bit oversized with dolman style sleeves.

They both have a V neckline with one big pleat in the front. The front is slightly shorter than the back and they have two slits on the sides. I have tucked in the front for today’s look, but you can easily leave them out.

I have also added one of our scarves, just to give the outfits a pop of color. With this particular scarf, the pop of color is pink, and it looks great with both tops. The scarf is a pink multi color feather print that has very small clear sequins woven into it.

For jewelry I decided to go with earrings instead of a necklace, but both looks will look great with a necklace as well. I am wearing our matte silver triple tiered round earrings, which are kind of a “statement earrings” because of their size. We have only two of these earrings left.

White skinny jeans – DL1961

Black skinny jeans – The Gap

Shoes – Gucci

Bag – YSL

How do you like my looks?



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