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This year has proven to be quite challenging so far. Every time we feel maybe things are turning around, something else pops up.

As I write this, we have a curfew for a second night in Los Angeles County which includes my city of Glendale. I have lived here for over 40 years and we have never had a curfew.

As you know thousands of people are protesting across the USA and the world over the unjust, senseless and horrific killing of George Floyd, which happened a week ago in the hands of four police officers.

I think the peaceful protests were absolutely necessary and just, for bringing attention to racism which is still a huge problem in our country. However, it was hard to watch all the looting and vandalizing happening in our surrounding cities and across the US.

I hope we can all come out of this experience with more wisdom and understanding of the struggles of the black community and hopefully implement changes to diminish racism once and for all.

For my look today, I have chosen a blouse from the store, our Lilac V Neck Blouse with Shoulder Pleats, and styled it two ways: A dressy way and a casual way. I wanted to show you how easy it is to make the same blouse “dressy” or “casual” by just changing a few pieces in your outfit.

For the first look, which is the “dressier” look, I have paired the blouse with our stunning White Lace Cropped Jacket. This jacket has a simple boxy cropped body with an open front. The beautiful and unique lace fabric is the main focal point for this piece and that is why the body is pretty simple making it a perfect piece for your summer wardrobe.

The Lilac V Neck Blouse, it is a pretty soft blouse made out of a wonderful silky fabric. The body is loose and simple to wear. It has a few pleat details on the shoulder and it is great top to wear on its own or as a layering piece.

I am wearing the two pieces with my cropped dark jeans and since this is the dressier look, I am wearing my silver high heeled sandals and a silver clutch to finish off the look.

For the second “casual” look, all I have done is change my shoes to flat sandals and wear our Pink Ivory Stripe Shirt with Pockets as my outerwear piece.

This stripe shirt is made out of a nice soft rayon fabric with pretty shades of pink, purple, blue and ivory. It has long sleeves with cuffs, but you can also fold it up and use the tab and button detail, like I have done for today’s look.

As you can see it works nicely over another top or on its own, as a shirt.

For jewelry I used our Patel Iridescent Bead Necklace with Marbleized Pendant which works for both looks.

Shipments to Canada are a flat rate of $25.00 and all other countries are a flat rate of $35.00.

Lilac V Neck Blouse with Shoulder Pleats – Click Here

Pastel Iridescent Bead Necklace with Marbleized Pendant – Click Here

Dark jeans – Banana Republic

High heel sandals – Calvin Klein (old)

Flat sandals – Gucci

Clutch – Calvin Klein (old)

How do you like my look?



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