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Last week I did a recap about our trip to Prague and today I am doing part two of our trip which was to Dubrovnik in Croatia. If you missed the Prague recap you can see that post here.

First, I have to say Dubrovnik is now my new favorite city to visit. It is something out of a fairy tale book – A stunning well preserved city from the twelfth century on the Adriatic Sea Coast in the south of Croatia which became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979. It was severly damaged by Serb and Montenegro Soldiers by artillery fire in 1991 after the break-up of Yugoslavia, but it has all been restored now – the only tell tale signs are the bright red tiled (new) roofs that were replaced after being damaged and they are easily spotted.

One of the main attractions in Dubrovnik is the Old Town which has many spectacular sites to see including the well-preserved city walls which you can walk all the way around which is amazing (not to be missed). Inside the city walls you will find stunning architecture and sculptural detail on the many spectacular churches, monasteries, museums and fountains and of course wonderful restaurants on every street to sit and soak in this amazing city.

We did a walking tour ourselves and managed to walk the entire wall with frequent stops for some cold drinks and some R&R to absorb the wonderful views. The weather was pretty hot but we got lucky and had a nice breeze to keep us cool most of the way around but the walk in the sun can be quite tiring but it is well worth it as the views are unbelievable. Every corner you turn, there is another stunning view of the city with the beautiful ocean and islands in the background it is just magical!

Old Town gets very busy during high season which is when we were there. There are many guided tours with groups of people from different countries stopping at each destination to hear about the history of the city’s landmarks. If you are a Game of Thrones fan, you must know that some of the show is filmed in Dubrovnik specifically in Old Town and “Kings Landing” and they even have a special tours that will take you to all the locations they used to film the show.

For me some of the most beautiful views of Dubrovnik can be enjoyed on top of Mount Srdj above the town which is reached via the cable car. There is also a restaurant and bar at the top where we enjoyed drinks and the amazing sunset views. If you ever plan to go and eat at the restaurant be sure to make reservations early before your trip if possible as it gets booked months in advance in high season.

As for our hotel, we chose to stay outside of Old Town which I think was a good idea. We stayed at Valamar Dubrovink President Hotel which we were super happy with. This hotel was completely renovated in 2014 and every room has a balcony with a sea view and the hotel has its own private beach which was one of the main reasons we chose it so we could relax for a few days and do nothing.

It is only a 10-15-minute commute to Old Town Dubrovnik from the hotel and there were buses to catch outside every 10 minutes which made it very convenient. You can also use a taxi and it is not very expensive.

There were a lot of nice restaurants close to the hotel as well. There was a path next to the beach that you could walk along to find other hotel restaurants and bars all around this area. We also visited the Cave Bar at Hotel More which was only 15 minutes walk from our hotel and it was super fun.

Now on to what I wore, this part of our trip was the relaxing part where we spent a lot more time by the beach or the pool which we both needed. During the day I would mostly be in my bathing suit and a cover up, except for the day we spent in Old Town. For most of our evening dinners and afternoon walks, I wore one of our Jacket Society tops with shorts or a dress. Two of our new dresses I shared with you last week were shot in Dubrovnik when I wore them out to dinner.

Have you been to Dubrovnik and if so how did you like it?


























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