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Taupe And Black A Perfect Color Combo

It finally feels like fall has arrived in Los Angeles as the temperatures have dropped and we even got some rain the last couple of days. I think the outfit I am showing you today is perfect for starting fall. It is a taupe and black color combo which I think is super chic and easy to put together.

For today’s outfit, I have a fun new piece for you. Our Taupe Loopy Knit Short Jacket is made out of a loopy yarn that is mostly taupe with a little bit of black mixed in here and there. It’s cozy and warm and you can dress it up or down.

I decided to do it with an all-black look underneath since we have a new super cute black top and I wanted to style it today with this jacket. The top is black and it has a V neck with a lace trim around it that continues all the way down in the front. The back neck is also a V opening but it has a small band to keep the shoulders from falling off.

The bottom of the top has a high low effect and even though I have tucked it in, in most of the photos below, there are a few pics at the end where I have left the top out for you to see how it looks. I love it both ways, depending on your look and the occasion.

I wore the jacket and the top with my waxed black jeans because I like the mixture of the matt black t-shirt with the waxed finish of the pants. Of course, it would work with variety of bottom in different colors as well.

We also have the perfect scarf/shawl for this jacket and top combo, our Taupe Black Paris Print Scarf Shawl which we added to our shop a couple of weeks ago. This is a great piece that has a conversational print of famous monuments of Paris like the Eiffel Tower. You can wear it as a scarf or a shawl over any top or jacket as shown.

Since the top has a lace trim going down in the front of it, I decided to do a shorter necklace with this look. Our brand-new Matt Gold and Silver Short Clover Necklace is a simple but chic necklace you can wear with many outfits and you can even combine it with longer necklaces if you choose.

I finished off the look with my black pointy boots, Gucci belt and bag.

All four pieces I am showing you today are part of our 24-HR Flash Sale where you can get 15% off with code FS111 plus Free US Shipping. All international shipments are a flat rate of $25.00.

Taupe Loopy Knit Short Jacket – Click Here

Black V Neck Top with Lace Trim – Click Here

Taupe Black Paris Print Scarf Shawl – Click Here

Matt Gold and Silver Short Clover Necklace – Click Here

How do you like my look?

Black Waxed Jeans – Zara

Pointy boots – Kendal + Kylie

Bag – Gucci

Belt – Gucci

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