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Last Friday afternoon after work my husband and I drove down to Redondo Beach to attend the first event of a fun filled weekend with the “Fierce 50” women who traveled from all over the United States to meet up. We even had one person travel all the way from Germany for this event.

Friday night was the launch party at the Redondo Beach Hotel Rooftop Deck for the Cat & Kaehler Radio Show which is a Los Angeles Talk Radio Show created by Kathy Kaehler and Catherine Grace O’Connell. The show is about empowering women of all ages through the lens of midlife which is basically the same message of the “The Fierce 50” women’s group.

The Fierce 50 group was founded by Catherine as well, who is an amazing woman with a very inspirational story herself. I was so excited to finally meet her in person and you can see a photo of me with her below.

It was such a fun night and it was amazing to meet so many of my “Fierce 50” sisters in person. We talked, laughed, ate, danced and I had a wonderful evening with everyone. You can see a few photos below.

The next morning my husband and I went for a really nice brunch at The Shade Hotel in the Redondo Beach Harbor and later on we met some friends who were in town and were staying in the area. That is why I could not meet the rest of the group for a brunch at French Kande in El Segundo hosted by Kande Hall and Lenn Grabiner who own a beautiful jewelry line and store. 

So later in the day on Saturday around 7:00 pm we all met up again for our “Fierce 50 Photo Shoot” at the Hermosa Beach Pier. This was a super fun event as well, as you can see in the photos below. We all took our shoes off and walked on the sand all the way under the pier up to the water to take some super photos.

We were all gifted really cute straw hats by Chico’s to use for the photo shoot which was super fun and liberating, especially throwing all those hats up in the air and cheering. After the shoot we all walked over to a local restaurant for food and drinks and another chance to sit down and talk more about our blogs and get to know each other better.

Unfortunately, we had to leave Saturday night after dinner, but I know the ladies had another fun brunch event the next morning hosted by Chico’s store in Santa Monica. Chico’s have been a great supporter of the “Fierce 50 women” and we obviously appreciate it very much.

I will catch up with you all again soon with my next style feature – until then – please feel free to comment below – Nora xx






















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