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The Ivory Vest Styled For Summer In The City

It seems everyone really liked the “Summer Solstice” vest I introduced last week, I really appreciated all the comments and orders placed online. As a designer, it is such a great accomplishment when you design something and get such a great reaction to it, so thank you all so very much I am truly grateful for all your support.

So this week I would like to introduce the Ivory vest. I wanted a slick and modern look, but also wanted it to be summer appropriate. So I chose to wear it with my favorite tailored black shorts, which might be a little too short for the office, but this look can easily work with longer shorts or a pencil skirt to wear to the office. I know shorts can be tricky when it comes to the lengths of them and I also know as we get older many of us may not feel comfortable wearing shorter shorts.

For me the length that I am wearing today is probably as short as I will go, unless we are at the beach or by a pool and my shorts are really more like a cover up. The good news is that there are so many different lengths available out there for us to choose from. The same applies to short skirts, although I tend to feel more comfortable going a bit shorter with shorts than I do with skirts, regardless you will find the length you feel comfortable and stick with it.

With the Ivory vest and black shorts being my base, there were so many different ways you can go for a top. Any bright color top would have worked here as well, but I chose to wear it with my grey and black geometric print top to keep the slick modern look going. I also decided to go with silver jewelry for this look and added one of our beautiful new silver necklaces I just added last week to the online store here. The Ivory vest is also on the website and is available here.

What is your comfort level for shorts or skirts and what do you think of my look?









Ivory vest – Jacket Society

Shorts – Club Monaco (old)

Top – Collective Concepts (old)

Sandals – Trouve’

Clutch – Magazine clutch (bought downtown LA a long time ago)

Necklace – Jacket Society

Sunglasses – BCBG

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