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Even though it still feels like summer here in Los Angeles, I can tell it is really fall by looking out of our front living room window and seeing the leaves on my favorite tree starting to fall onto the lawn every day. Soon the front lawn will be filled with beautiful dry fall colored leaves which I will gather to put in vases or onto trays to make autumn table and mantel piece decorations. The leaves will continue to fall until around mid-December when the tree will be completely without foliage. For now I am enjoying watching the transition of a season even though we don’t experience much seasonal activity here in California.

Now I feel a change in the seasons and the nights are closing in, I am dressing more appropriately for fall. When it comes to personal styling I am always talking about women’s jackets and blazers and what is trending in the world of fashion for me. Today I am showcasing the Jacket Society Soho jacket once again, this is one of our best sellers, and I have decided to show it with a new skirt length that I love and is trending right now the sexy “Midi” skirt. The Midi skirt has seen many revivals throughout the decades and was originally popularized in the 1940’s for its elegance and grace. The Midi has tried to make a comeback many times and was somewhat successful in the 1970’s due to Faye Dunaways character wearing many in the famous “Bonnie & Clyde” movie. I personally think it’s a very chic and sophisticated length, but it has never been as popular as the mini or maxi skirts. The good part is that the length can range anywhere from below the knee to a few inches above the ankle. Because of this, a lot of women can wear them at different lengths. Here are some tips on how to wear them:

  1. If you are short wear the ones that are right below the knee and wear them with heels.
  2. Taller women can get away with skirts that hit mid shin and it’s easier for them to wear them with flats.
  3. The slimmer ones look great with shorter and fuller jackets, sweaters or cardigans.
  4. The fuller ones look better with fitted and shorter jackets and tops.

The one I am wearing today is a Theory midi skirt I have had for a couple of years. I always keep these kinds of classic “investment” pieces because I know they will come back and I will be able to wear them again and again. They are a real classic women’s wardrobe piece in my opinion, especially in black. I thought this is good time to show you our Soho jacket paired with this midi skirt, since I wore it with pants earlier this year in a featured story. I also wanted to do a little bit of pattern mix, so I added my abstract print top with long sleeves and thumb holes, along with my new black and grey Paris magazine clutch. As usual I always add a pop of color, hence my red sandals. What are your thoughts on the “Midi” skirt? 9618


Long Sleeve Top – BCBG

Sandals – Audrey Brook

Magazine Clutch –


Sunglasses – BCBG


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