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Having lived in Los Angeles for most of my life, I can easily say that I am used to the heat waves that usually come along from July to September. The only good part about these heat waves is that we don’t get much humidity. For the most part, they are bearable if you have air conditioning. I personally like warmer climates, as I love the sun (I am a Leo after all), so living in Los Angeles suits me. The only thing that I miss about not experiencing colder winters is the fashion aspect. As you already know I love coats and blazer jackets for women. But living in Los Angeles sometimes limits you with your winter wardrobe. That said, I recently noticed how I still use jackets most of the time when I go out, even if it is during the summer. The main reason for this is the “air conditioning” that is blasting in every store, restaurant, bank and office you walk into during these months. I am glad all these places have the air conditioning or else we would not last in the heat, but for that same reason, I find myself always having a jacket, cardigan, or blazer for women with me when we are going out. This is especially prevalent when we are going to restaurants, since I seem to get seated right under the air conditioning vent every time and have to switch places with my husband (who loves the cold air). I am not complaining because this is all a good excuse to wear more jackets right??

Last weekend when I was going out to dinner with my husband I decided to wear one of my favorite summer jackets that I have had for years. I bought this Theory shrunken blazer years ago when shrunken blazers were a trendy item. Even as a designer for women's jackets,  I have worn it many times and continue to do so especially for summer nights. What I love about this shrunken blazer is that it is almost like a cardigan. It is made of a soft, stretchy cotton material and has no lining or shoulder pads which gives it a more casual feel. I am wearing it here with my red floral printed dress. I don’t usually go for big bold prints, but when I saw this dress years ago, I fell in love with the print, color and the silhouette. It’s been one of my favorite go-to dresses for summer ever since.

Tell me what your feelings are about air conditioned spaces and if you find yourself needing a jacket or cardigan like me?


















Blazer – Theory (old)
Dress – Rampage (old)
Sandals – BCBG
Clutch – BCBG
Sunglasses – Persol

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