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As I mentioned last weekend, kimono season is here and today I am debuting a brand new one that is such a fun piece. It is our Multi Color Moroccan Flower Watercolor Print Kimono.

The print is so beautiful, and it makes the kimono such a “statement piece”. These kind of statement pieces are great because you can throw them over any plain outfit underneath, and it automatically elevates your look.

It is printed on a soft 100% rayon fabric and the colors are so vibrant and pretty. The body is a typical kimono style with armholes so you can wear it like a cardigan, but the sides are open.

Since the sides are open and it is a bit long, there is many ways you can wear this piece. Here are just a few ways I am showing you today:

  1. Like a cardigan leaving it open in the front
  2. Pulling the bottom of the fronts together and tying it in the front
  3. Pulling both ends and crisscrossing to tie them behind your neck
  4. Throwing one side over your shoulder like a shawl

To keep it simple underneath, I am wearing it over our Oatmeal Rayon Modal Knit Tank Top, which is one of our great rayon modal basic pieces. We have this tank top in an ivory as well, which will also look good under this kimono, and you can see that piece here.

To go along with the rich Moroccan color vibes, I am wearing our Turquoise Bead Necklace with Rust Marbleized Stone which is currently on Sale.

This is a great necklace especially going into summer. I am also wearing our Multi Layered Natural Gold Bracelet Set which picks up on all the colors in the kimono.

Oatmeal Rayon Modal Knit Tank Top – Click Here

Jeans – The Gap

Platform sandals – Zara (old)

Clutch – Calvin Klein (old)

How do you like my look?

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